As a member of the state legislature, Todd has been a tireless advocate for our community and the issues that matter most to us.  In just six years he has established himself as an effective and independent voice in Harrisburg achieving great success by working with members of both parties to advance critical legislation.  

With your support, Todd looks forward to continuing to serve the community where he was born, raised and is raising his family. 


Following the announcement that the military had contaminated the Horsham Township public water system, Todd was the first public official to demand the federal government fulfill its obligations to our community by providing carbon filters to remove all detectable levels of contaminants from our drinking water, blood tests so we can understand the nature and extent of any exposure to harmful chemicals and a health study to understand what, if any, health risks we face as a result of this exposure.

Since then, Todd requested and has received support for his efforts to hold the federal government accountable from elected officials from both parties including Governor Tom Wolf, U.S. Senator Bob Casey, Jr., U.S. Senator Pat Toomey, Congressman Brendon Boyle, Congressman Pat Meehan, and Congressman Mike Fitzpatrick.  Additionally, Todd’s House Resolution demanding the federal government address these issues was unanimously adopted by the PA House of Representatives.

When the federal government refused to eliminate all detectable levels of the contaminants, Todd worked with Governor Wolf to secure $10 million in the state budget for Horsham Township to install infrastructure such as carbon filters to ensure our water is clean.

Todd has also called for the state to bring a lawsuit against the federal Government to force them to fully address the contamination issues it caused in Horsham Township.


Using the knowledge gained as a prosecutor, Todd has championed legislation to strengthen Pennsylvania’s child protection laws, combat gun violence and better protect our most vulnerable citizens.

Since joining the legislature, Todd has authored several pieces of legislation to help protect us and our families including legislation to: 

  • Expand the list of “mandated reporters” who must report suspected child abuse
  • Increase the penalty for mandated reporters who fail to report suspected child abuse as required – a felony in some instances
  • Strengthen criminal background checks for school employees
  • Make it a crime for school employees and volunteers to engage in sexual intercourse with a student
  • Require the state police forward Pennsylvania’s mental health data to the national firearms background check database (NICS)
  • Strengthen penalties for juveniles convicted of illegally possessing firearms
  • Impose mandatory sentences for felons who illegally possess firearms
  • Protect crime victims from retaliation by over-reaching municipal ordinances
  • Require wireless service providers to assist law enforcement in locating missing persons believed to be in danger
  • Increase the amount of restitution inmates must pay to victims of crime.
  • Add interest to delinquent child support

The Pennsylvania Coalition against Domestic Violence and the Pennsylvania Coalition Against Rape, Laurel House (Montgomery County’s only child advocacy center serving abused children) have all recognized Todd’s efforts on their behalf.


As the son of public school teachers, the product of public education and the parent of two young children, Todd values public education which is why he has voted every year for increased state funding for basic education, leading to the highest basic education funding levels in state history. He also led the effort to reform the state’s funding formula which severely shortchanged our students and taxpayers.

Todd also recognizes the value in providing increased access to early childhood education in Pennsylvania. In the legislature, he introduced social impact financing also known as “Pay for Success” to expand access to pre-k in Pennsylvania while saving tax dollars. Recognizing our state’s budget constraints, this approach to expanding access to early learning would not only be timely, but it would be fiscally responsible, allowing private-sector investors to invest in programs for our children that save taxpayer dollars down the road.

Other legislation Todd has authored legislation aimed at improving education in Pennsylvania include:

  • Transferring $250 million in corporate welfare to school districts like ours that received less than 35 percent of their funding from the Commonwealth
  • Allowing for additional options to save for higher education by allowing a judge to order funds awarded to a minor whether through a lawsuit, inheritance or trust, to be place into a “529 account” to be used for higher education expenses.


In addition to fighting for our schools Todd was instrumental in getting legislation passed to help families facing the financial stress of caring for individuals with disabilities. Todd worked with his colleagues to craft the ABLE Act, bipartisan legislation which creates a tax-free savings account in the Commonwealth to help cover qualified expenses like education, housing and transportation for individuals with disabilities.


As a former prosecutor Todd understands that those who abuse animals are more likely to commit crimes against people as well.  He has led the fight in Pennsylvania to crack down on animal abuse since he was first elected and has supported every animal protection bill brought forth for a vote including:


Exotic animals pet ban

Greyhound racing simulcasting ban

Service dog abuse



Cost of Care

Protections for dogs injured in kennels (Prime Sponsor) – Enacted - Act 65 of 2013

Animal Fighting Paraphernalia (Prime Sponsor)

Dog law funding – keeping their fees

Dog and cat slaughter for human consumption

Increased penalty for harming police dog



Animal Fighting Paraphernalia (Prime Sponsor) – Enacted - Act 24 of 2015

Veterinary Immunity



Comprehensive Animal Protection Bill-HB1238 (Prime Sponsor)

Two animal protection laws Todd authored are now the law in Pennsylvania and he is actively pursuing a third – HB 1238 recently passed in the PA House by a vote of 167-20 and is now awaiting action in the PA Senate.


Creating a friendly environment to small businesses has also been a priority for Todd. Todd has rejected proposals to increase taxes on our small business owners. He also created a Small Business Advisory Council in his district aimed at giving small businesses in his community the tools they need to succeed. For his continued support of small business in Pennsylvania, Todd was recognized by the National Federation of Independent Business as a 2014 Guardian of Small Business and they've endorsed him for re-election.