When Todd took office in 2010 spending in Harrisburg was out of control and Pennsylvania was facing a $4 billion budget deficit. He has worked tirelessly over the last eight years to make sure each budget signed into law prioritized our spending to avoid broad-based tax increases while meeting our financial obligations.

During the 2015-16 budget cycle and again in 2016-2017 Todd opposed the massive sales and income tax increases that were proposed. Instead, Todd has consistently advocated for the elimination of over $700 million in corporate welfare, with specific proposals like eliminating the use of taxpayer dollars to fund the leisure activities of the wealthy, proposing to redirect those dollars to education instead.


Property taxes are by far the most unfair taxation system as they have no regard for an individual’s ability to pay. Property taxes do not care if you are laid off or a senior living on a fixed income, they operate exclusively on the assumption that anyone who has worked hard enough to purchase a home has an unlimited ability to raise the money necessary to maintain the taxes levied on it.

Todd supports efforts to eliminate or freeze property taxes for seniors and has also championed legislation to allow local school boards to rely on alternatives to property taxes.

In the fall of 2017, Pennsylvania voters passed a constitutional amendment which allows the legislature to curtail the use of property taxes. It is only the beginning of the conversation, but we must find a better way and Todd is committed to finding it.

Government doesn’t have any of its own money – every penny it spends it must first take from someone else. Todd remains committed to ensuring your tax dollars are spent responsibly and will continue to focus on protecting taxpayers.