Delivering Real Results

Throughout his tenure as our State Representative, Todd is focused on delivering real results for his community. 

When harmful contaminants were found in our local drinking water, Todd immediately took action to secure funding to clean up the water. But Todd didn't stop there. To keep up with the maintenance of filtration devices that eliminated the contaminants, ratepayers were left to pick up the bill. That meant the implementation of a "water surcharge" and higher utility bills for our families. Todd went back to work and designed a program that sent millions of dollars in additional state funding to his community to fund water treatment programs and eliminated the surcharge.

At the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, when his local seniors were having difficulties accessing vaccines, Todd partnered with a local pharmacy to set up vaccine clinics throughout his district. Soon, Todd, his dedicated staff, and local healthcare professionals would vaccinate thousands of individuals right here in our community. He was the first lawmaker in the area to partner with local pharmacies and healthcare providers to create a streamlined process to put shots in arms to those who needed them most.


And just last year, when a tornado ripped through the heart of his district, Todd once again mobilized efforts to respond to our neighbors in need.









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