Protecting Children

Todd’s legislation expanded the list of “mandated reporters” who must report suspected child abuse and increased penalties for mandated reporters who failed in their duty to protect a child.

In the recent report on sexual abuse of children in Catholic churches across Pennsylvania, the Grand Jury specifically praised Todd’s legislation and recommended it be expanded even further. Todd has authored legislation to do just that.

Unsatisfied with merely increasing the reporting after abuse has already occurred, Todd also wrote legislation to strengthen criminal background checks for school employees to prevent abuse from happening.

It is imperative that we not only do all we can to address threats to the safety of our children but also be free to plan for their future. Todd was instrumental in getting legislation passed to help families facing the financial stress of caring for individuals with disabilities. Todd worked with his colleagues to craft the ABLE Act, bipartisan legislation which creates a tax-free savings account in the Commonwealth to help cover qualified expenses like education, housing and transportation for individuals with disabilities.