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Jonathan Kassa’s Supporters Caught Lying in Cable Ad - Ad Removed

Kassa Campaign Making Same False Claims


Horsham, PA – A group supporting Jonathan Kassa’s campaign for State Representative in the 151st Legislative District agreed Thursday to remove their cable television advertisement due to false statements made against State Representative Todd Stephens.

            “I’m disgusted by the outrageous lies Jonathan Kassa’s campaign and the PA Fund For Change delivered to my constituents,” said Stephens.

            Among the many false statements was a claim that Representative Stephens voted to “divert funds from local public schools” by supporting HB 800 expanding the EITC program in PA but HB 800 was funded by state tax credits with no impact on local school budgets whatsoever – a fact verified by the Pennsylvania School Boards Association, “….none of the funding in EITC being used for scholarships to private schools comes from local public schools.”  Kassa’s campaign has been mailing the same claim. In fact, Stephens has supported the highest public school funding in state history.

Another false claim in the ad involved Stephens’ vote for SB 621 which Governor Wolf signed into law regarding school security personnel. PA Fund For Change erroneously claimed the bill led to more guns in schools when Governor Wolf’s statement issued when he signed the bill made clear the bill restricted guns in schools:

“Pennsylvania law now makes clear that teachers may not be armed. Moreover, this bill now standardizes training and clarifies my administration’s guidance against arming teachers – guidance that some school districts attempted to ignore. This bill will make training requirements for armed security stricter, more comprehensive and based on modern practices for security, trauma and other essential skills and knowledge for security personnel.”

            When the ad began airing, Stephens’ Attorney, The Honorable Joseph P. Walsh, sent a letter demanding Comcast “cease and desist” airing the false ad.  Following receipt of the letter, Comcast reviewed the ad and contacted the PA Fund For Change with the information and the group agreed to revise the false ad.

             “Voters deserve better than a smear campaign riddled with false statements by Jonathan Kassa and dark money groups like the PA Fund For Change who refuse to disclose their donors.  If Jonathan Kassa can’t tell voters the truth he doesn’t deserve to be a State Representative,” explained Stephens.


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