Local Support

I'm proud to earn the support of my neighbors.


“We were having trouble getting Personal Protective Equipment at our nursing home. Rep.

Todd Stephens stepped in and delivered vital resources to our facility. Todd Stephens’s efforts

helped us save lives.” – Dr. Jamie Swanson, Medical Director of a local nursing home


“I was having trouble receiving unemployment benefits during the pandemic. Todd Stephens helped

me navigate the system and get the benefits my family needed. I’m grateful to Todd Stephens.”

– Jennifer Coval, Hatboro resident


“My mom contracted COVID-19 working as a nurse. We couldn’t get the medication she needed. Todd

stepped in and helped. My mother beat COVID-19. The world needs more people like Todd Stephens.”

– Jennifer Shields, daughter of a Montgomery Township resident


“Our first responders couldn’t get the Personal Protective Equipment they needed. I reached

out to Todd, and he made sure we had the equipment our frontline heroes needed to keep

them safe. Thank you, Todd Stephens.” – Lee Greenburg, local Fire Chief


“Todd Stephens fought for us. He worked with Governor Wolf to make our

water safe and started a new clean water program to pay for the surcharges.

Todd Stephens has our backs, and I can’t thank him enough.”

–Theresa Harmon, Horsham Township resident