Ensuring We Have Safe, Clean Drinking Water

Following the federal government’s announcement that Horsham residents may have been drinking water containing dangerous levels of harmful chemicals for decades I worked with the Governor’s Office to secure $10 million in state funds for infrastructure improvements necessary to remove all detectable levels of these chemicals from our drinking water.

Additionally, I was the first public official to demand action when the EPA acknowledged the water safety standards they had been using were inadequate. For months, I have demanded the federal government fulfill their obligations to Horsham Township and to protect our safety by:

  • Funding for filters to remove all detectable levels of the contaminants from our public water supply
  • Providing blood tests so we can learn the nature and extent of our exposure to these chemicals
  • Completing a comprehensive health study so we can understand what, if any, health risks we face

Since I first began speaking out on these issues, a broad, bipartisan group of local, state and federal officials have joined my efforts including Governor Wolf (D), U.S. Senators Pat Toomey (R) and Robert Casey (D), U.S. Congressmen Pat Meehan (R), Brendan Boyle (D), and Mike Fitzpatrick (R) as well as the full PA House of Representatives and Pennsylvania Senate.  

Because the federal government refuses to address these issues satisfactorily, I have repeatedly called on the PA Department of Environmental Protection to assume a greater role in addressing this issue for all our communities by adopting a “zero-tolerance” policy for the presence of these chemicals in our drinking water.  I will continue pushing DEP to adopt our own tough drinking water standards to ensure we have the cleanest, safest drinking water in America.

As a life-long Horsham resident and the father of two small children who had been drinking our public water, I am deeply concerned about the safety of our water and will continue fighting for the highest standards as it relates to our public drinking water and public health.