As a graduate of Hatboro-Horsham High School and Shippensburg University and the son of two teachers, I certainly understand the value of a quality public education.

I have proudly supported increases in basic K-12 education funding in Pennsylvania. Each of the six final state budgets I have supported have increased state funding for basic education in Pennsylvania – to record setting levels.

In addition to supporting record levels of basic education funding through the budget process, I introduced legislation to redirect $250 million in corporate welfare to basic education in school districts like Hatboro-Horsham, North Penn, Upper Dublin, and Wissahickon. If my legislation were to have been enacted, it would have sent over $6 million per year back to property taxpayers in school districts in our community.

Additionally, I was an outspoken critic of an outdated school funding formula which unfairly distributed education dollars across Pennsylvania.  While some school districts were receiving nearly 80% of their funding from the state, school districts in our community were receiving less than 20% of their funding from the state.  I voted to enact a new funding formula proposed by the bipartisan Basic Education Funding Commission to ensure  state education funding is distributed based on the actual costs to educate our children rather than a politically driven formula. Under this newly adopted formula, schools in our community will see increased state funding.

We have a constitutional and moral obligation to ensure our students receive the best education possible all while keeping the taxpayers in mind.