Supporting Crime Victims


Wireless service providers are fully capable of tracking the phones of missing persons and assisting law enforcement in the crucial window after a kidnapping or a person has gotten lost. That’s why Todd championed legislation requiring wireless service providers to assist law enforcement in locating missing persons believed to be in danger.

A career prosecutor, Todd has taken his passion for assisting crime victims and their families to Harrisburg and advocated to protect and support them every single legislative session. Todd authored legislation to protect victims of domestic violence from municipal ordinances which required victims to be evicted merely for calling the police for help.

Todd also led the fight to restore vital funding for Rape Crisis and Domestic Violence Centers in each and every state budget which earned him recognition from the Pennsylvania Coalition Against Rape and the Pennsylvania Coalition Against Domestic Violence. Never forgetting our community, Todd also cosponsored legislation to direct a portion of Montgomery County’s casino revenue to our only domestic violence shelter, Laurel House, and our only Child Advocacy Center, Mission Kids.

Currently, Todd has legislation pending which would increase the restitution paid to victims of crime by attaching the inmate accounts used to pay for extra benefits while in prison.

Todd has received awards from the Victims Service Center of Montgomery County and The Women’s Center of Montgomery County for his outstanding advocacy for victims of crimes.

He’s also been endorsed by every FOP Lodge in Montgomery County for his steadfast commitment to protecting our families