Animal Cruelty


Recognized as a statewide champion for abused animals, Todd has received numerous awards for his work to protect our beloved pets and animals in need across the Commonwealth. Todd has a perfect record with Humane PA PAC and has championed several animal cruelty initiatives including a complete overhaul of Pennsylvania’s archaic animal cruelty law which was signed by Governor Wolf as Act 10 of 2017 and recently celebrated its one year anniversary.  Todd’s accomplishments include:


Exotic animals pet ban

Greyhound racing simulcasting ban

Service dog abuse


Cost of Care

Protections for dogs injured in kennels (Prime Sponsor) – Enacted - Act 65 of 2013

Animal Fighting Paraphernalia (Prime Sponsor)

Dog law funding – keeping their fees

Dog and cat slaughter for human consumption

Increased penalty for harming police dog


Animal Fighting Paraphernalia (Prime Sponsor) – Enacted - Act 24 of 2015

Veterinary Immunity


Libre’s Law - (Prime Sponsor) – Enacted – Act 10 of 2017

Dogs and Cats in hot cars

Todd is endorsed by Humane PA for his tireless efforts to end animal abuse in PA.